Ellis Island: Interview of an immigrant.


Today, we talked about the main character’s interview and more precisely about the inspectors’ attitude towards him. You had to justify your arguments with quotes from the text.

Here is what you said:

‘On the threshold* of a new world’: Detailed Comprehension

2) The interview
  The man
It’s important  to be able bend over for the ‘National Anthem*’(16) because it shows the respect for America.
=> It’s a symbol of America ( like The Statue of Liberty, The American Flag, Uncle Sam, the Eagle which represents/=symbolizes/=stands for Power*/=Strength

The woman
The woman is disgusted, she looks down on the narrator,
(=disdainful=despising=scornful)* when she learns that the narrator is a writer, l.36 “disgust”.
She reacts like because she may not bear(=stand)* intellectuals l.30 “she looked at me the way one looks at a madman”.

  Who is…? The adjectives which suit the…

…Main character are:
 -POWERLESS (=Helpless/=submissive)*
The following quotation proves it:
>l.21 “I bend over and was passed on the next room”, the character undergoes *, he obeys* the orders, he’s obedient*.

…Man ( the fat one) are:
The following quotation proves it: >l.16 “Now do it” => It’s an order.
-MENACING (=threatening)*  he blackmails the narrator.
The following quotation proves it: >l.17 ”or I’ll send you back”

…Woman are:
-DESPISING, The following quotation proves it: >l.36 “disgust”
-MISTRUSTFUL* (=Suspicious)
The following quotation proves it: >l.27 “Very suspicious”
-INQUIRING The following quotation proves it:>l.22 et 31 “asked” l.35 “she inquired” >the question mark also proves it “?”.
*Key Words to learn by heart*
>Threshold = the entry, front of the door

> Anthem = the national song
> Symbol
> To represent = To symbolize = To stand for
> Power  / Strength (adj: Strong)
> Disdainful = despising =scornful  / to look down on SO
> To bear = to stand
> Powerless =Helpless = submissive
> To undergo / underwent : undergone
> to obey (Adj: obedient)
> MENACING = threatening = Menaçant
> Blackmail  (n)/ to Blackmail
> MISTRUSTFUL = suspicious
> INQUIRING = questioning

By Vaheeda.

We also talked about the different symbols of America:

* The Statue of Liberty.

* The Eagle (= symbol of strength, power and bravery)

* The National Anthem (‘Star Spangled Banner’)

* The Flag (13 stripes that represent the 13 colonies that rebelled against the Brtitish Monarchy and the 50 stars that stand for the 50 states that form the USA) 

* Mount Rushmore (Sculpture of former American Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore (South Dakota))


– Ramener la fiche correction DST

– Recap: ‘The Interview’

– Terminer la fiche de compréhension du texte

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